We Make Getting The Most Competitive Price Easy At American Playground Company!

We offer purchasing contracts (also known as buying agreements or buying cooperatives), which are nationwide procurement services with relationships with many different companies for ultra-competitive goods and services. These goods and services include:

  • playground equipment
  • park furnishings
  • site amenities and more

All contracts will be awarded through a public, competitive bidding process consistent with applicable procurement laws and regulations.

Benefits Of Purchasing Contracts

These cooperative purchasing networks have professional teams that wield their immense buying power and top of the line suppliers so you get the best bid for the highest quality product. We have relationships with purchasing contract networks that provide competitive bidding services across all 50 states.

Playground buying agreements help smaller organizations and groups receive the same rates and benefits as large organizations. Each purchasing group will have a different application process, it generally can be broken down into the following steps:

  1. Two or more parties with a common requirement applicable for a purchasing contract sign an agreement to work together.
  2. A singular lead party seeks out proposals and eventually awards a contract
  3. The awarded contract becomes available to other parties within the buying group
  4. Participating groups sign an agreement to follow all the details laid out in a contract

Qualifications For Competitive Purchasing

Non-profit 501c and tax-based agencies are able to take advantage of these services at no cost.

Simply complete a brief registration process and then purchase American Playground Company’s playground and park equipment at a fantastic rate!

Reach Out To Learn More About How You Could Use Purchasing Contracts To Get More Competitive Rates!


NASPO ValuePoints

NASPO is a non-profit organization with the goal of using research, education and communication to enhance the procurement community. This organization has directors of the central purchasing offices for all 50 states as well as the additional U.S. territories. This leadership in public purchasing shares data and information, gains better times and rates, and improves the acquisition and purchasing process.

National IPA

National IPA is committed to serving educational institutions and public agencies across the United States. All buying agreements are competitively sought out and awarded publicly by a governmental or public agency. This process is always done using the best processes, procedures and public acquisition practices. Registration is easy and also free, no minimums or fees.


With BuyBoard National Purchasing Cooperative, registration is free to utilize this cooperative purchasing process meant for municipalities, educational facilities and other public entities across the United States.


This buying cooperative was founded to specifically assist school districts (both public and private), universities, colleges, and government municipalities. They assist these entities in getting the best rates on their playgrounds using TIPS’s incredible buying power.

Keystone Purchasing Network

KPN is a purchasing cooperative that offers each contract incredible product and service to K-12 schools, higher level education facilities, non-profits and local government. Join KPN for free with no obligation, fees or set minimums.