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Because playground construction, renovation, and maintenance tend to be expensive, play area committees commonly seek financing through grants. Grants consist of funds donated by non-profit, corporate, or government sponsors. They’re issued to help finance projects beneficial to a community (and don’t need to be repaid!) If your application is accepted, the grant might cover most if not all costs for installing a playground in your neighborhood, school, daycare center, church, etc.

Organizations such as KaBOOM! typically sponsor grants for community and school playgrounds in lower-income neighborhoods.

Corporations receive tax breaks for issuing playground grants for neighborhoods, schools, and community parks.

Government Grants offer grants on the local, state, and federal level for playgrounds and parks.

NRPA Grant & Fundraising Resources Available to you!

  • Research and understand the purpose of each grant you apply for. Write your proposal according to each grant’s requirements.
  • Write the proposal as though you’ve already won the funding. Clearly establish all of your goals. Include graphics and images whenever possible.
  • Consult with required stakeholders and gets appropriate approvals ASAP. The sooner you submit your proposal, the better.
  • Have a third party review your proposal for clarity.

Putting in a playground is a community effort, with many people invested in the project. You can utilize this manpower to start a fundraising event, such as a bake sale or sponsored run. You can also start a crowdfunding campaign and spread it through social media, gaining donations from more people throughout your community.