Playground Screenings

What are Playground Screenings?

  • Playground screening solution is exactly what our playgrounds need to assure our children are kept safe and secure while providing an attractive complimentary screening solution that compliments our playground equipment and adjoining building finishes.
  • Playgrounds are creative environments for children to have fun, play, grow, learn, and socialize. These wonderful spaces should never pose a threat to our children.
  • Our playground fencing meets the Public Playground Safety and ASTM Standards in providing screening solutions that provide a safe barrier that both prevent children from inappropriately leaving the playground while assuring children do not get hurt by the screening
  • Our screening is superior to the playground fencing on the market.

The ASTM – F2049 fencing standard sets out to minimize the likelihood of injury or death on today’s playgrounds. A primary concern is vehicular intrusion into a playground. A vehicle rolling or traveling into the play area. Another concern is kids climbing a fence, squeezing through openings (in it or under it) and running away from a play area and into a street or nearby body of water. The appropriate screening or fencing should also deter baseballs, soccer balls and other intrusions from striking children while playing. The standard also addresses the minimum height (48 inches based on kids under 5 years old) for a gate latch in order to “limit or delay” a child from opening the gate.
PalmSHIELD’s PlaySAFE playground fencing is designed with ASTM – F2049 in mind. Our screening solutions incorporate the below design criteria to assure a safe playground and an attractive screening solution.