Dive into a world of fun and safety with our cutting-edge splash pad flooring installations. Crafted with precision and designed for durability, our surfaces create the perfect aquatic playground for families to enjoy. Transform any space into a vibrant oasis with our expertly installed splash pad flooring solutions.

After years of research, testing, and careful deliberation, NSF/ANSI 50 created a new standard for splash pad surfaces. This new standard emphasizes slip resistance, impact attenuation, and durability to perform in the aquatic environment. This standard was created because experts have seen how similar splash pads and playgrounds are. Children use them in similar ways. The success of playground design standards provides an important template for the future of splash pad safety.

Life Floor is a foam-rubber flooring tile designed for use in wet areas with barefoot traffic. Life Floor combines award-winning safety with unparalleled design capabilities , delivered by an expert team committed to a world-class experience for everyone who interacts with our products. All over the world, people trust Life Floor to make their aquatic environments look and feel extraordinary.

Certified splash pad surfaces must be slip resisting to minimize slip-and-fall injuries, while providing a minimum level of traction without being abrasive.
Certified surfaces must be cushioned to absorb inevitable falls. The standard requires a HIC (Head Injury Criterion) value of 750, with a .20 meter minimum fall height.
Certified surfaces must maintain their traction and impact attenuation even after exposure to harsh chemicals.
Resistance to ultra-violet radiation is essential, as many splash pads experience intense, year-long sun exposure.
A certified surface must respond well to cleaning and sanitization.
A certified surface must not absorb water. Life Floor is certified to this standard and exceeds it, being rated 99.6% impervious.