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Experience is one of the determinants of whether a playground company is worthy of your business. The more years a company has operated, the more experience the staff has acquired and the more efficient they’ve become at their trade.


In our 10+ years, American Playground Company has served more than two hundred clients nationwide—delivering products, laying down turf, setting up play accessories, and installing entire playgrounds.


Having worked in the playground industry for more than a decade, we’ve honed our expertise and nurtured the best practices and crews for installing high-quality playground products.

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Our playgrounds are installed with users in mind. Safety, efficiency, and accessibility are always stressed. Our itinerary also includes a variety of inclusive elements, which allow children of all abilities to play together.


Safety during and after installation is a top priority here at American Playground Company. Our installers follow rigorous safety protocol when on the job, and our products are assembled in such a way to help reduce the likelihood of accidents. Our playground screening is also a fine security measure.


You get your money’s worth when you hire American Playground Company. Your play area will last and entertain kids and their parents for generations to come.


American Playground Company has one of the largest support teams in the Nation. Our lineup of professionals is diverse and support the entire Midwest. Our core leadership team are trained experts not only in the playground industry but across many trades in construction.

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Chris Stange – American Playground Manager

Chris is a Certified Playground Safety Inspector (CPSI) and has been trained with Superior Recreation as a Certified Installer. Chris has 20 years of outdoor construction experience from complete installation and project management.

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Andrew Goodfellow – Commercial Play and Rec Consultant

Andrew has over 10 years into construction industry from design, installation and project management

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Paul Masgai – Project Manager

Paul has over 5 years into construction industry from design, installation and project management

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Matt Vogel – Regional Manager.

Matt has over 20 years of construction experience, division management and operations management.