American Playground Company Business’ Match

American Playground Company is proud to provide a matching grant program for non-profit and government entities in support of children’s play.  American Playground Company is powered by American Fence Company.   American Fence Company is one of the top ten largest fence contractors in the United States having been in business for over fifty-five years.  American Fence Company has built our business in providing security solutions to protect children.  We have fenced in more backyards than any other fence contractor in the Midwest.  We appreciate our customers and are compelled to give back to those who have supported us so many years. 

Supporting the initiative for all children to have the opportunity to play aligns with the development of our playground operation, American Playground Company.  We are proud to be providing these matching grants to assist communities to undergo playground development and increase kids’ play.

Grants are available on an annual basis.  These grants will range from $500 – $25,000 dollars. APC is requiring the match a minimum of 50% from the recipient. The grant amount will be at the discretion of the American Fence Company. 

The projects submitted should be aimed at providing the following permanent structures and materials associated with kids play and playground products.  

  • Playground structures
  • Slides
  • Swings
  • Surfacing
  • Inclusive playground equipment
  • Spinners
  • Climbing equipment
  • Playground musical equipment

Who is Eligible?

All non-profit organizations and government entities in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, and Kansas.  You must have 501(c)(3) status or IRS determination letter of the organization’s status as a government entity. Examples of supporting documentation may include a letter from an authorized government official or a copy of the legislative act creating a government body.

All applicants must agree and be capable of supporting a regularly scheduled certified playground safety inspection. In order to maintain playground, you need to schedule regular inspections with a CPSI certified playground inspector. Through these inspections, the playground inspector will provide you with a document identifying all non-compliant issues. The document will contain items, pictures, priority of hazard ranking and information on how to fix the issues stated. You may fix these issues yourself, or contract the playground company to fix them for you. Before you can schedule an inspection though, you must have had your playground audited.

American Playground Company conducts a safety audit for every new playground install. This will ensure the final users the safety of play, and the owners the satisfaction in the Standard of Care. We highly recommend all playgrounds that have never had an audit contact American Playground Company to schedule an audit.

Application Process

Applications should be filled out as accurately and complete as possible. The application should clearly state how the applicant intends to provide a safe and fun environment for children to play. The application should follow the outline below:

  1. Project Title: This should be meaningful, informative and precise.
  2. Brief Summary: Describe the project you would like help funding
  3. Goals and Objectives: State the overall goal for undertaking this project even if the project plays only a minor role in achieving that goal. Clearly state the objectives of the project and describe how they relate to the overall goal.
  4. Project plan
    1. Activities planned – Describe major activities and procedures with a time table for your project
    2. Partnerships involved – List groups or other organizations that will be involved in carrying out your project
    3. Administration and staffing – Identify key individuals who will be involved in the project
    4. Visibility and impact – Describe how the project will be used to increase children’s activity levels and amount of play.
    5. Sustainability. – Who will maintain the project upon completion over the next five years.  Please list the responsible agency and how site overview will be conducted.
    6. Safety.  All applicants must agree to and be capable of supporting a regularly scheduled annual CPSI playground inspection.  All Grantees must agree to correcting any non-compliant items within 30 days of the inspection and prior to further use if deemed hazardous. 
  5. Project Budget: Include a brief breakdown of project cost
  6. Project Final Report: Grantees will submit a Final Report to the American Fence Company Grant Committee within 60-90 days of project completion. The report will include documentation and photographs of the completed project. A final budget showing how the funds were spent must be included in the final report. 
  7. CPSI certified playground inspection.  Grantees must schedule upon completion of the project and prior to use a CPSI certified playground inspection report to the American Fence Company Grant.  At no expense to the applicants, American Playground Company will provide this inspection and reports.  It is the responsibility of the applicant to schedule this inspection.  All Grantees must have corrected all non-compliant and hazardous issues within 30 days of the initial inspection and prior to use.