Playsafe Solid


Product Details:

  • Button head stainless steel screws.  No sharp bolts or screws.
  • Standard 4” square steel posts with round beveled ¾” beveled plates.  No corners no sharp edges.
  • Vehicle barrier protection available with 6” square steel posts, ¾” beveled plates and continuous W-beam guardrail.
  • 3” x 3” x ¼” structural aluminum angle framework screened panels.
  • Solid infill 36” and lower to prevent climbing and visibility for smaller children three or younger.
  • No openings greater than 1 3/4”.  No openings smaller than 1/2”.  These openings prevent climbing and openings too small.
  • Gates with lock sets at 48” heights.
  • Panic hardware, fire exit and alarmed devices are available and factory installed.
  • Gate closures available and factory installed.

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