Add Excitement to Your Playground with Ascend Rope Climbers

Looking for a way to enhance your playground? Rope climbers are a great option for adding a level of challenge and excitement for children using your playground. Navigating rope climbers helps children build balance, coordination, confidence, and problem-solving skills as they explore and have fun.

Close view of a playground rope climbing structure from the Ascend Rope Climbers product line.
Photo courtesy of Superior Recreational Products.

Our Playground Product of Choice: Ascend Rope Climbers

The Ascend Rope Climbers is a recreational product line from the PlayCore brand family that is available for purchase from the American Playground Company. We offer these playground products because of their high-quality construction, warranties, and reasonable prices.

Durable Product Construction

Photo courtesy of Superior Recreational Products.

Each rope used in the Ascend Rope Climbers product line consists of a solid polyamide steel core surrounded by six strands of cabling, each containing 24 galvanized steel reinforcing strands (for a total of 144 strands in the 20mm rope and 168 strands in the 22mm rope). The end result is super strong, durable cabling that will withstand thousands of pounds of breaking force: an excess of 14,500 lbs. for the 20mm rope and 18,000 lbs. for the 22mm rope. Not only that, but these cables come coated with a UV-protected, soft to the touch, nylon rope sleeve for ultimate climbing comfort.

Single-piece aluminum balls compressed in place by 150,000 lbs. of force (667kN) connect the ropes and are designed to prevent the connection from shifting and causing premature wearing of the cable. These ball connections also withstand an excess of 2,500 lbs. of breaking force. Cable ends use a junction loop attached with a finished aluminum sleeve lined by a galvanized steel wear bar. Ascend Rope Climbers also use high-quality steel frames to provide additional stability, support, and durability for years to come.

Quality Warranties on Playground Equipment

The other reason we recommend and sell Ascend Rope Climber products is due to their great warranties. All of the products in this line have warranties from Superior Recreational Products (a member of the PlayCore brand family). These warranties include the following:

  • Lifetime warranty on posts, hardware, c-line fittings and post caps
  • Limited warranties on cable breakage, flexible rubber belting, pipes, rungs, loops and rails, molded plastics, HDPE plastic sheets, and punched steel decks.

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Playground Product Variety

Whatever your playground size and needs, the Ascend Rope Climber line has enough variety to fit your space and budget. Choose from freestanding structures, designs that can attach to your existing equipment, or even entire net courses and systems. A few product examples include towers, bridges, overlooks, arches, and racecourses. You can also customize the colors of the ropes and steel supports to complement your existing design.

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How to Buy Ascend Rope Climbers from American Playground

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