De Witt Daycare Updates Outdoor Play Space

outdoor play area before upgrade

If you’ve been in De Witt, Nebraska lately, you may have heard about the updated outdoor play space for one of its local daycares. Installed by the American Playground Company, the improved space boasts new artificial turf and a commercial playground structure to provide a safer and more durable environment for kids to play on. 

Prior to the update, the play space contained muddy grass and various pieces of residential play equipment. It also had no fall protection, posing a higher risk of injuries for the children playing in the recreation area. 

To help improve the space and keep her charges safe, the owner reached out to commercial playground consultant, Chris Stange, for assistance. After discussing the options, they determined that artificial turf was the best fit, due to its warranty, minimal maintenance, and cost. They also decided to add a durable, commercial playground structure to offer a shaded play option for the children. 

Children playing in updated play space. Playground upgrade artificial turf surfacing installation playground equipment

The resulting space is now the talk of the town. Strange noted that many people commented on how much they enjoyed the upgrade. 

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