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American Playground Company provides a wide variety of recreational area activities including sport equipment for basketball, baseball, football and more. We offer products like basketball hoops, batting cages, windscreens, benches and bleachers, goalposts, and nets. All of our units are innovative for both outdoor and indoor recreational sports areas, while maintaining high-quality that is affordable for our customers. Your project can greatly benefit from having sports equipment by providing an array of activities for anyone who visits your site. Sporting equipment supplied and installed by American Playground Company can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Whether your park goers want to play with a group or team or play alone, they will have the capabilities to do so by adding sports equipment to your recreational area. Providing sports equipment is a way to promote a healthy, active lifestyle for the patrons of your park or facility. A healthy lifestyle is important to American Playground Company and we encourage it in any way possible. Every one of our products—from sports equipment to playground structures—supports a means of maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Combining our sports equipment with fitness equipment, playground structures, and other freestanding elements can ensure Our products are designed and installed to stand the test of time. Every aspect of our sports equipment is set up to endure prolonged use and weather extremities. With different materials, sizes, and functions your park or recreation center can utilize sports equipment for years to come.