Shades & Shelters

Playgrounds and parks are a top summer fun destination for families; and you want to be sure that your kids are playing not only in a safe environment but on hazard-free equipment. One of the hazards to be concerned about is temperature. Throughout summer days, as the temperature increases and the playground equipment absorbs more heat, kids risk burning exposed body parts, namely their arms, legs, and hands. What’s more, constant exposure to the sun’s rays can cause even worse, longer-lasting damage than discomfort and burns. Playing too long on exposed playground equipment can lead to sunburns, overheating, heat exhaustion, and heat stroke.

Fortunately, there is a solution in the form of playground shade structures: to cover playgrounds and seating areas, helping protect people from such hazards. American Playground Company offers a vast selection of canopy shades, manufactured by top playground equipment brands and sold at affordable prices. Shades and shelters can make an incredible difference in how children and their families enjoy summer months — on days with clear skies and warm weather — and we can help you find the perfect shelter or shade structure.

Visiting parks and playgrounds is an excellent way for kids to exercise and get fresh air. A playground canopy from American Playground Company helps keep kids and your outdoor playground equipment safe. For ultimate safety, include shades and shelters as part of your overall plan when shopping for playgrounds.