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Playgrounds are not just for kids; adults can enjoy a playground area with fitness equipment. Providing an area to promote a healthy lifestyle all while having fun is something that can appeal to anyone! American Playground Company provides secure fitness equipment that can be added to your recreational area. This is perfect for community parks, apartment or housing communities, and even high school or college campus courtyards. Most fitness equipment is meant for ages thirteen and up, however if your fitness equipment area is near your playground structure, the adults and older children can stay active and attentive while the younger children play. Along with every structure American Playground Company installs, our fitness equipment is inspected by our certified inspectors to ensure the upmost safety for its users. Each fitness area incorporates fitness components that address the critical elements for stay physically fit and healthy: aerobic, muscular strength, core, balance, and flexibility. Some of our popular fitness equipment items include chin-ups bars, leg presses, ellipticals, cycles, steps, benches, chest press, and lat pull downs. By adding a fitness area to your project, you can assist those who do not have access to a gym by providing them a free space to get active and stay healthy. At American Playground Company, we ensure your fitness equipment will last for years; every aspect that is installed by us—regardless if it is fitness equipment or full playground structures—is designed to withstand years of repeated use and exposure to the elements. With our products that are built with quality, you can be assured your recreational area will be providing fun and activity for people for many years.