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American Playground Company is full of pet parents. We understand the value these furry friends have on families and want to ensure each and every companion has a place to play. Along with playgrounds for children, we offer dog parks to accompany your city park playground, apartment complex, or pet care facility. Dog park equipment is meant to stimulate your pets’ body and mind with agility products like balance planks, hurdles, multi-level steps and more! Dog parks are not only great for enhancing your dog’s outdoor park experience, but is also an inviting opportunity to learn much needed social skills. Having a place to take your pet allows you and your fuzzy companion to exercise and socialize together. Just like playgrounds for children, dog parks are designed to cater to dogs of all abilities. Dog parks encourage both physical and cognitive play to allow your canine companion to fully develop. In addition to our standard play equipment, we can accommodate to customize your area’s environment to ensure the dog park is fun, safe, and accessible. We can also supply accessories to provide the best experience for park goers including leash posts, pet waste stations, and security fencing.