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American Fence Company Matching Grant

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  • Please describe the project scope. Include specific equipment desired, surfacing type, and any non-play related items requested. If possible, please provide a sketch of your project outline and structures.
  • Please state the overall goal for undertaking this project even if the project plays only a minor role in achieving that goal. Clearly state the objectives of the project and describe how they relate to the overall goal.

  • Describe major activities, actions, and procedures with a time table for your project
  • List groups or other organizations that will be involved in carrying out your project
  • Identify key individuals who will be involved in the project.
  • Describe how the project will be used to increase children’s activity levels and amount of play.
  • Please state your project overall budget. Please provide a breakout of estimated costs for each item.
  • 1. Who will own equipment and materials? 2. Who owns the property where the site is located? 3. Who will be responsible for the maintenance and safety of the site?
  • Please provide an estimated start date, major milestones and completion date for your project.