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Freestanding elements are parts of a recreational area that are detached from the playground itself. American Playground Company offers freestanding elements that provide the opportunity to add play places to smaller areas or expand larger areas. Having additional freestanding equipment can make a playground pop with energy and get children of all ages and abilities excited to play. Freestanding play elements are durable and can provide fun play opportunities for decades. These elements are great for community parks, schools, apartment complexes, child care centers, and more. American Playground Company offers a wide range of freestanding elements including timeless elements like swings, slides, gliders, and climbers, and we offer new products to fit with the advancement in technology like Selfie Swings and interactive play components. By changing up classic concepts to incorporate new and emerging advancements, we are able to add elements that encourage growth and innovation in a young child’s mind. Choose from interactive motion components, climbers, or even timeless freestanding slides to watch your playground flourish. While you can add freestanding elements to playgrounds to make them more bountiful, you can also merge multiple freestanding play elements together to create a unique play space for all ages. Freestanding elements alone are a great way to add some fun and activity to your recreational area without the cost of a full playground.