Needs Assessment

Why do some playgrounds sit idle with no evidence of children playing and others remain popular with both children and parents?  Playgrounds must be designed to the community’s unique demographics and user’s needs. Listening is simply not enough.

American Playground’s expert consultation not only listens but knows what questions to ask our customers to assure we are truly meeting their needs.  Our needs assessment is a multiprong approach that involves a site visit to assess site conditions and surrounding circumstances, and meeting with our customers to explore possibilities.  We understand that a needs assessment is not about what we have to offer but about what you truly want and need.

Custom Design Consultation

Only after we have identified what you may want and need; we are ready to share with you our expertise in overall design, site layout and equipment selection.  Our staff is CPSI certified. We understand what makes an active and safe playground. Balancing equipment on your site is critical. We understand that every playground piece needs a given amount of space in relationship to one another.  We want to create an environment where parents have good visibility and feel safe.

CAD Drawings

Computer aided design and 3D renderings are a must for achieving customer peace of mind and confidence in the overall design before investing heavily in the project.  Playground equipment is often mobile and active. It is easy to quickly overcrowd a site, causing safety and good visibility concerns. We will provide you with a 3D rendering so that you can view the site from several different perspectives.  


Installation is where American Playground really shines!  We are the only Midwest playground contractor that utilizes our own company installation crews to build your playground.  When your children’s safety is a concern, we only want our full vested and trained team members building your site and not subcontracted labor. American Playground has eight installation locations throughout the Midwest, making us the largest full service installation contractor.