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Check out American Playground Company’s large selection of outdoor park amenities and furniture. We sell everything from park benches to bike racks. From basic to luxury, we have multiple styles. American Playground Company can help you find the outdoor furniture and amenities that are right for your park or school’s space.

Design Your Ideal Outdoor Park or Playground

No matter how you would like to design your park or playground, American Playground Company can help. From park benches to public grills, to picnic tables to trash receptacles, we offer a wide variety of park and playground furniture that will add an extra dimension to your community area. Whether you need furniture for a refurbished public park or a new commercial outdoor playground, you can find the items you need. Mix and match these outdoor park furniture items and then you can request a free quote.

Beautiful Furnishings at a Competitive Rate

Our park furnishings can enhance an outdoor public space while also being safe and sustainable. We can provide both the park equipment you need along with an assortment of site add-ons. Create a classic look or try something more modern space with our wide variety of items. The park furnishings we offer are available in a variety of materials, finishes and colors; from weather-resistant coatings to recycled plastic.

Start Here

It can be daunting to begin the selection process with so many options available. Check out our selection of items and their photographs for a good visual aid. This can be done before reaching out for your free quote, or you can get in contact with one of our project managers and you can go through the products together.