Playground Structures


CAD Drawing

Recycled reliable recreation equipment is an affordable and safe option with little to no maintenance required. Children will love the bedrock climber, double chute slide, and deep rung arch climber and will not be able to get enough of the rung ladder! There are so many opportunities for children to use their muscles with this structure.

Have you recycled anything lately? Our recycled playgrounds are made from reclaimed post-consumer plastic products such as milk jugs, so keep recycling for our safe, and affordable playground equipment! This particular recycled structure features a rock wall climber, open spiral slide, a disk climber, an arch bridge, and more. One unique feature of structure R3-20446 is the bars featured at the end of the rung ladder. There is a chin bar, a turn bar, and a crunch bar all aimed at promoting physical play. The overall size of the structure is 27 feet by 23 feet with a required use zone of 41 feet by 37 feet aimed for up to 40 children between the ages of 5-12 years.


American Playground Company is proud to offer a variety of playground structures for your park, school, apartment complex, or community. Regardless of the area, we have the perfect structure to meet your recreational needs. Our structures are designed for children of all ages and abilities, but we also provide play structures for specific age groups and can incorporate free standing elements to provide multiple inclusive play options. While we supply traditional playground structures, we also have many structures with activities that are adapted to new and emerging trends and capabilities. Our structures come in a wide variety of color schemes and design themes to fit the precise look you want for your recreational area. For a multi-level, fun-filled playground, we offer play structures with decks of different heights and sizes; we provide play structures without decks for a more sleek and compact play area that is just as fun! Regardless of what your recreational requirements may be, American Playground Company is equipped to take on your project—extra large to extra small, we will do it all! Many of our structures also come with the best warranties on the market. Backed by our team of certified inspectors, we are able to ensure every aspect of your playground structure and surrounding recreational area is safe and secure for anyone who wishes to play. With a focus on safety and quality, American Playground Company offers extensive and unique product lines of playground structures that will meet your requirements for space, budget, and fun!