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68127 - Allegro- Set of 7

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Stunning in both their towering appearance and low resonant sound, the Allegro chimes are pitched one octave below middle C. The chimes range in height from seven to nine feet, and can be arranged in a variety of layouts. Available in single, set of 3, and set of 7 configurations (Shown as set of 7).

  • Constructed of four-inch diameter, heavy-duty anodized tube
  • Install in a horseshow configuration to experience a ‘surround sound’ effect
  • Includes 2 mallets
Category: Inclusive Elements

American Playground Company ensures that all people of all abilities have a fun and safe place to play. We take pride in our ability to make everyone feel comfortable and included in our playgrounds by providing inclusive play elements. We believe that play is an essential part of growing, learning, and developing regardless of abilities. Inclusive play allows for children of all abilities to play, learn, and grow together in an inviting recreational environment. Universally designed play environments should address both physical and social inclusion which is a means to support everyone’s right to play. Inclusive elements provide opportunity for children to play safely by adhering to physical and sensory accommodations. Inclusive play elements are capable of being added to any playground. These elements will benefit any child in physical, social-emotional, sensory, cognitive, and communicative ways. The benefits of having inclusive play elements in a playground is that it provides children different means of social play. Children are able to play together, side-by-side, from afar, or individually. A part of having inclusive elements for play, also includes having inclusive areas for solitude at the playground. Sometimes, children need a quiet place to play by themselves that are a comfortable area for rest and recharge. Along with physical elements, orientation paths are beneficial to those who need physical or mobile accommodations. Promoting inclusion on playgrounds by having inclusive play elements brings communities together to educate them on the differences of individuals.