Playsafe Vehicle Barrier

Playgrounds that adjoin parking lots that do not have the required separation, existing curbing or barriers will require a vehicle barrier be placed between the parked cars and the playground. PalmSHIELD’s PlaySAFE vehicle barrier is a stout vehicle barrier system to serve as a barrier between cars that may roll forward into the playground where children are playing. The PlaySAFE vehicle barrier not only provides that peace of mind but also incorporate our PlaySAFE playground screening system. PlaySAFE is designed with 6” square steel posts mounted to 10” square steel plates to be anchored to the top of existing concrete or placed on top of concrete piers engineered by others.
An optional W-Beam guardrail system with offset blocks may be mounted to the posts providing even more safety. W-beam guardrail is a kind of road crash barrier used for securing highway safety by preventing errant vehicles from sliding out of the roads and impacting the roadside buildings or other objects. So it is most commonly fixed on the side of the highways, dock areas, aisles, especially on curves and slopes for protection against run-off-road collisions.

Our W-beam guardrail product is formed in accordance with the latest highway safety barrier technology for making sure its high durability and maximum strength. It is made of high quality steel, which reduces the impact force caused by mobile equipment to the maximum extent. Meanwhile, the zinc coating or PVC coating perfectly combined to the W-beam guardrail keeps the products free of damages of corrosion and rust.

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