See Me Swings: Perfect for Parks and Residential Swing Sets

See Me Swings: Perfect for Parks and Residential Swing Sets

The American Playground Company is excited to introduce a new product available for purchase: the See Me Swing! This tandem-mounted swing from Superior Recreational Products allows parents and other family members to swing face-to-face with their toddlers.

Photo courtesy of Superior Recreational Products

Swing Together for Better Bonding

Studies suggest that establishing eye contact during play helps emotional bonding between parents and their children, making the See Me Swing the perfect option for parks and homes with small children. Chris Stange, our Commercial Playground Consultant, says, “I personally liked these swings when my kids were younger, as I could swing with them at the same time.”

Product Details

See Me Swing Construction

In addition to creating bonding opportunities for parents and their toddlers, the swings feature a sturdy, welded, and powder-coated frame. They also utilize galvanized, 4/0, heavy-duty chains for maximum durability and safety. Finally, swing chain sleeve castings reduce the chances of small fingers getting pinched.

Photo courtesy of Superior Recreational Products
Photo courtesy of Superior Recreational Products

Integration with Other Swings and Frames

See Me Swings come in two sizes for ages 6 months to 23 months and 24 months to 47 months, and can fit beside other See Me Swings or a standard bucket swing in a bay.

Product Warranty

Like many of the products and playground equipment available through the American Playground Company, these swings are covered under Superior Recreational Product warranties. For full warranty information, visit

Buying a See Me Swing

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